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140419 EXO-M 1ST COMEBACK STAGE OVERDOSE ERA | Today Tao was ill. There was talk going around that the director of the show had spoken to Tao about not doing such a back flip since he was ill. However Tao insisted (as we’ve seen) for EXO-M’s comeback stage. This only gives us a glimpse of an idol’s sacrifice. In the entertainment industry, a sick day isn’t something you can just call out for. Even though we were all worried, Tao kept saying It’s alright.” This is to hoping that Tao will feel better and that our twelve aliens, EXO, will remain healthy during promotions.

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The turtle

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Sometimes I don’t think you guys understand how laid-back my cat is. The first time I saw him as a kitten he was lying on my parents’ bed, half-asleep. And he was completely fine with me and my brother petting him!

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❀ about me. ❀


birthday: October 3rd
zodiac: Libra
single or taken: Single
height: 5’2” [Approximately somewhere around 158 cm.]
eye color: Blue-ish gray
favorite color: Violet, carmine
lucky number: N/A


hogwarts house: I guess Ravenclaw
favorite fictional character: Lady Oscar Francois de Jarjayes
favorite television show: Whose Line is it Anyway?
favorite season: Autumn
describe yourself in a few words: Don’t rip out my headphones for fucks sake
meaning of your name: Apparently it means something among the lines of light?
ultimate otp: MadoHomu, but I’ve started to lean more towards Clearao.
what do you plan to/do for a living: Mmhm, I’m not sure! I’d love to do something that involves music, but working in a pet store doesn’t seem to be that bad either.
starbucks order: Caramel Frappucino


introvert or extrovert: Introvert
dawn or dusk:
righty or lefty: Right
coffee or tea: Both
rain or shine: Rain
reading or writing: I prefer both, actually! Reading inspires me, and writing is something I really love to do sometimes.

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happy easter~ I hope your day is well and you see something that makes you smile~

I hope the same for you, Lieschen!